WP1: Project Management

Responsible Partner: NTUA

This WP aims to manage the project activities and ensure effective collaboration among the partners in the multi- disciplinary Consortium, throughout the duration of Sea of Experience, by monitoring progress, by ensuring task objectives are achieved and milestones reached, by managing project finances, and by establishing communication channels inside and outside the Consortium.

The specific objectives of this WP are to:

  • Manage and coordinate the Consortium;
  • Report to the EC;
  • Manage the risks during the project;
  • Manage the budget of the project and deal with financial issues;
  • Set internal and external communication tools;
  • Manage Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) issues;
  • Resolve potential conflicts within the Consortium and address cultural and gender issues;
  • Performing quality control on project outputs/activities/deliverables.


  • D1.1. Periodic Progress Report 1 – PDF
  • D1.2. Periodic Progress Report 2 – PDF
  • D1.3. Periodic Progress Report 3 – PDF 
  • D1.4. Periodic Progress Report 4
  • D1.5. Ethical Monitoring (Initial) – PDF
  • D1.6. Ethical monitoring (Final)
  • D1.7. Quality and risk assessment plan (Initial) – PDF
  • D1.8. Quality and risk assessment plan (Final) – PDF