Sea of Experience is a regionally-oriented project that aims at establishing a training/mentoring network; the Eastern Mediterranean Regional Network (EMReN), for professionals and youngsters related to maritime transport, shipbuilding and ship repair, ports and the cruise industry. It also targets to bridge the skills gap between education offer and labour market needs, especially with regards to technological developments and innovation, strengthen cooperation between industry, academia and public authorities, encourage mobility of students, teachers and professionals, raise societal awareness and provide guidance and advance knowledge about blue professions.

The consortium will implement a wide spectrum of actions to achieve the overall objectives. More specifically, four common training programs, one for each selected blue sector will be formulated to tackle with the emerging skill shortage of the maritime domain.

These educational items will consist of the cornerstone for the development of innovative face-to-face (e.g. summer schools, apprentices) and digital (e.g. Virtual Reality videos, digital competitions) training tools. Finally, a digital platform (the sharing-pooling e-platform) will be developed for hosting this novel toolkit.

The EMReN; a dynamic ground-breaking network of academics, maritime industrial representatives and public Authorities, will focus on improving relationships between education and the sectors of interest.

Furthermore, it will develop targeted and highly innovative mentoring/training initiatives (human big data) that will enable professionals and students to acquire new skills, diversify and expand on their existing skills and competencies. On the long-term, this blending of innovative face-to-face activities with digital technologies will lead to new employment opportunities in the Eastern Mediterranean region and will attract higher education graduates and/ or professionals with significant technical and non-technical skills.